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Element of type Flex

typeThe identifier of the componentstring ("flex")
childrenThe childrencomponent[]
crossAxisAlignmentThe alignment along the cross axisstring ("start", "end", "center", "stretch", "baseline")
directionThe direction of the component (horizontal/vertical)string ("horizontal", "vertical")
fillParentif true the flex will fill the main axis. Otherwise it will take the children size.boolean
horizontalDirectionIn which direction the elements should be placed following the horizontal axis.string ("ltr", "rtl")
mainAxisAlignmentThe alignment along the main axisstring ("start", "end", "center", "spaceBetween", "spaceAround", "spaceEvenly")
paddingElement of type PaddingPadding
scrollIf true the flex will scroll if there is too many item in the Main Axis.boolean
spacingThe multiplier of the base size for the minimal spacingnumber
textBaselineA horizontal line used for aligning text.string ("alphabetic", "ideographic")
verticalDirectionHow the objects should be aligned following the vertical axis.string ("down", "up")