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Element of type TextField

typeThe type of the elementstring ("textfield")
valuethe value displayed in the elementstring
descriptionthe text displayed under the textfieldstring
disabledWhether the input should be disabled or notboolean
errorWhether the textfield should show and error or notboolean
errorMessageThe error message to display whenever the input is incorrectstring
hintTextthe text displayed inside the textfieldstring
inRowWhether the input and label should be in row or notboolean
labelthe text displayed aside the textfieldstring
maxLinesthe maximum number of lines for the textfieldinteger
minLinesthe minimum number of lines for the textfieldinteger
obscureWhether the input text should be hidden or notboolean
onChangedBasic Listener
sizeThe size to use, the component will be sized according to the value.string ("small", "medium", "large")